Energizing Young Voters

Here’s why we do what we do! See comments from students, educators, and those who support us.


Comments from donors and supporters

“​Mayor Jennifer Naughton and I were considering making a short video to show our residents how to complete the Vote-by-Mail Ballot for the November 2020 election. When we saw the 4-minute video that the non-partisan League of Women Voters of Southern Monmouth County created, we realized we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, as theirs was perfect! We distributed their video widely to our residents via our website, our e-newsletter, and our social media pages.  We were very pleased with the response from our residents, who found it very helpful, as it demystified the process. Knowing the quality of the tools they produce, we’d turn to the League for educational materials in the future.”

Syd Whalley

Spring Lake Councilwoman

“What you bring to our group is irreplaceable. Thanks for initiating this.”


“I’m so happy to help out and can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you do. Kudos for trying to make our world a more just and peaceful place.”


“I’m so proud of your efforts and achievements with the LWV Young Voters program! You are planting seed, fostering awareness and igniting empowerment that will continue to make a difference in our democracy. I hope this small contribution helps you expand. Keep shining on!”

Merry B

“The League of Women Voters has been an extraordinary resource for our school district. Each year they send a team to help eligible students register to vote and to provide students with resources to take home for families to register as well. The League presents hands-on lessons to students of all grade levels on the history of voter discrimination, voter turnout, and ways to register to vote. During our middle school Civics Day, the League arranged for an actual voting booth for students to practice voting! Students enjoy the interactive approach and feel like they have the ability to be active civic participants!”

“Thank you so much for all you do – you and your ideas are incredible. I’m so glad to know you!”


“Thanks for doing this good work. I hope my check helps reach the goal.”

Julie D

“We are so thankful that you helped us with our programming this year. Your participation, knowledge and genuine kindness was greatly appreciated.”

Jordan L.

“Keep up the good work energizing young voters!”

Pat & Hutch

“Thanks for all you do to improve our country.”

Jane T

What made a difference to the students

“Used to think I could not enact change/ small changes are not “big enough” Now I think I can enact change by starting small.”

“I feel more empowered in how I can work as a vehicle for change for topics I feel passionate about.”

“I used to think not a lot of people would want the same change that is needed. Plus won’t help you change that thing.. But now I see it’s possible and people might want this change like you and help you.”

I used to think I couldn’t take a break. I now think it is very important to care for my mental health.”

​​“Provisional ballot can be a way for everyone to vote”

​​“Something that made a difference to me personally …the struggle of people in the past …, especially women in the 1920’s, should not go in vain, and people in this generation should really understand that and go vote if they [want to] bring change.”

​​“It really opened my mind to the importance of voting and why I should take advantage of that power”

​​“I will begin to vote to change the fate of our future”

​​“How voting can benefit future generations”

​​“I realize how important it is to vote, and I definitely will vote next election”

​​“I used to think that they already had things to help disabled people for years and years.  But now I know that they kind of recently made them available.

At the end of this lesson I felt that I had the power to make a change in gun control. For instance, through this lesson I learned to make my voice heard such as writing letters to local politicians, organizing a peaceful march and encouraging people to join it by posting it on a social media website, and inviting the media to report what the movement I started was about concerning tougher laws on guns.

“I do feel like that I have the power to make change. Thanks to seeing who my direct representatives are, learning which means are the best to reach those figures, and brainstorming on ideas within my own passions fueled my drive to make change.”

“I used to think I could not get involved with issues that matter because I am young. Now I think I can get involved with issues that matter regardless of my age and make a difference.”

“Only half the eligible voting population makes decisions for the country”

​​“I learned that I, myself, need to become more active, and help educate my peers on voting and why it’s important”

​​“To think about how our vote really impacts the decisions made”

​​“There are ways to vote that don’t include waiting in line”

​​“I used to think if you were Mexican you can’t vote, but now I know if you are Mexican and a citizen, you can vote.

​​“I used to think only famous people can make change, now I know that ANYONE can make a change by starting small.”



“This is a great opportunity for us and we are excited to jump on this and be a part of it. It is a great opportunity to get the word out and to be able to be a part of this kind of change, especially informing students, so they can make a difference when they are older.”

Georgian Court

U Education Club

“A great opportunity for the students to hear from women who are working hard to increase the vote!”

Melissa Whelan

Trinity Hall HS

Thank you again for coming out and working with my students–I know they got a ton out of it, and they really enjoyed the materials and strategies you showed them.”

Social Studies student teachers

Rider University

“Thank you for covering all the details of how, when, where of voting. These details are a mystery for new voters, so it was truly helpful to have you walk us through the process… Wonderful presentation!”

Citizenship Class

I will forever have October 13th burned into my memory as the last day to register! I had a bunch of students confirm with me that they were able to get an adult in their life registered! Success!!”

Hope Academy Charter School

“Thank you for your excellent presentation yesterday. The avatar exercise worked very well! It was a unique experience. Seeing some screens light up while the others remain dark as you take us through the history of U.S. voting rights was a very insightful exercise and underscored the importance of getting out to vote.”

Jo Krish

Literacy NJ Citizenship Class

“Fighting for the Vote was informative and engaging for our students. We look forward to identifying future opportunities for collaboration.”

Janice Kropotsky

Dept Chair, Asbury Park Social Studies

Thank you once again for sharing such great information. I think there’s a real opportunity for partnership and I would love to continue to have our students work with your organization…Let’s remain connected. I look forward to continuing the conversation.”  

Nicole Pulliam, Ph.D.

Director, Social Justice Academy, Monmouth University

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